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Monday, March 5, 2012

The Reign-Dialetic Quadmegistus prod. by MF DOOM

The Reign-Dialetic Quadmegistus prod. by MF DOOM

Dialetic Blesses this MF DOOM composition with true sagacious lyrics from the main source!!!! This is an instant Hip HOp momentum... Enjoy.. Peace and God Bless!!!! Dialetic Quadmegistus is a Hybrid MC who was created by Lemurians in 1982 deep inside the Mystical Mountains of The City of Eternal Spring, Medellin, Colombia. In 1989, Dialetic's earthly mother migrated to the North American Continent settling accross the waters of modern day Babylon into a region known to the Main Source as New Jeruz. This land, whose topagraphy has the distinct attribute of being 260 feet above sea level at it's highest point, harnessed the necessary elements for Quadmegistus to Manifest himself from the higher dimensions to the 3RD. Having the capital of the world at his discourse, after he was diplomatically handed the gavel of the Federal Rerserve for him to yield as he sought fit, Dialetic promised to spread wisdom and light which he gathered from 3 High Resonant Sources of Light. These are The Square, The Compass, & The Holy Bible. Having been brought to the sublime degree, Lord Quadmegistus gathered the most powerful and influencial past master builders of our modern and past physical and metaphysical worlds in order re-establish Universal Earthly Order by building and establishing the divine floating city of New Jeruz. 


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